Convex Mirror

by Espejo Convexo

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First EP.


released July 6, 2015

Convex Mirror is: Daniel & Azul
Performed by Convex Mirror
Music and Lyrics on "True" by Convex Mirror
Musical arrangements on "Walking" by Convex Mirror
"Walking on both sides" is a cover from Pink Turns Blue
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Espejo Convexo Mexico City, Mexico

"Espejo Convexo is a duo who have created their own style of darkwave pop, as catchy as it is jarring. While this darker aesthetic permeates creating concotions drenched both in nostalgia and hyperrealism. Full of haunting, soft-spoken melodies. Set to the beat of a huge drum track and drone synths." ... more

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Track Name: True
let me touch your hand
let me walk into your golden book
help me understand
took me long before my mind came through

it's true

take me through the sand
keep me calm so i can come for you
stay within your land
as the deepest green you ever knew

it's true

all the signs kept on repeating
felt it in my blood
this heart was speeding
time and space have gone to pieces
next to you the noise decreases

it's true
Track Name: Walking (On both sides)
I don't know a thing outside
suffering endless through my life
I've seen too much I'm all alone

Who likes to sit around and wait
but to act that means to fail
All I ever thought was wrong

Damn the madness of my pride
the price I paid was much too high
My dreams became reality

Cause I'm walking on both sides

Much more real than my life
I am caged by thick ice
Makes me gloomy and morose

Why I dared to go so far
lost my strength and lost my heart
I've to stay somewhere between

Cause I'm walking on both sides

Can't escape reality
always traveling through my dreams
Nothing I could take for true
How should I know whether I love you
whether I love you

I'm walking on both sides